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Maritime Worker Injuries

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If you or a family member working in the maritime industry got injured on the job, there are federal and state laws that may entitle you to compensation. Act fast and be systematic: more often than not, these laws are time-sensitive and put the burden of proof on the plaintiff.


Definition for Seamen

Seamen are masters or members of a crew of a vessel. They spend a significant (more than 30%) portion of their time on a fleet of vessels or a single vessel in navigation.

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Land-based Workers

Definition for Land-based Workers

Land-based workers are those who work in the maritime industry, but who spend the majority of their total employment time on shore, not directly contributing to a vessel’s navigation.

How Are Seamen Protected?

The Jones Act provides U.S. maritime workers with a personal injury negligence remedy. It is enforced by filing a complaint in court with right to a jury trial.

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Protection for Land-based Workers

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act is a workers’ compensation statute, designed to be predictable for the employer and quick for the worker.

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Welcome to Maritime Attorney ( This website is an information portal about maritime law, intended for maritime workers and their families.

It was started by authors whose family members and close friends worked at sea, had their workers’ rights violated, went through various accidents and injuries, and had a had time finding legal help.

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